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November 2020 Activity Calendar

If you are planning on coming to the Center, we want you to know that our commitment to following safety protocols as established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local entities have remained steadfast. There is nothing more important during these challenging months than the health and safety of our members, staff and others who come to the Center.

Center staff recently met with board members, volunteers and activity leaders of programs being currently offered. We discussed and reviewed the importance of the strict observance of Center policies and renewing commitments to following our Oath of Responsibility provided to members coming to the Center. The “Take the Pledge” document on page 10 more fully outlines our commitment to safety as we move forward. We are asking you to make the same commitment. Members coming to the Center will be asked to sign the pledge and take a copy home as a reminder to uphold the pledge every day.

The safety considerations for members, volunteers and staff continue to be the focus as we offer programming on the BA Senior Center campus. Here is what to expect when coming to the Center:

  • Parking is available in the back (west) parking lot to enter through the back door of the Center. This is the only available entry into the building.
  • The door will be unlocked 15 minutes before a class begins. Entry will not be permitted after an activity is scheduled to start.
  • Following social distancing guidelines is mandatory while entering the building, walking to the activity room, before, during and after class in the activity room and exiting the campus.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory to enter and exit the building – car to car. Wearing a mask during exercise is up to the discretion of the exercise activity leader. Masks must be worn while waiting for the class to begin and immediately after the exercise activity has concluded. Masks must be worn during all other activities offered.
  • Temperature checks are completed as you enter the building and must be below 100.4 degrees to enter.
  • Sign in for classes at the station located near Centennial. The touch screens will not be in use.
  • Some classes require waiting in Heritage (lunchroom) until the previous class concludes. While waiting, social distancing guidelines must be followed.
  • When an exercise class concludes, exit immediately through the north doors that are down the steps in Centennial. If the activity is meeting in Heritage (lunchroom), exit through the north alcove doors. Wearing your mask and following social distancing guidelines during this time is mandatory.

Safety Is Our Most Important Concern At The Center

The BA Senior Center’s policies follow the same basic principles that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention touts:

  • Wear a mask; AND
  • Social distance; AND
  • Wash your hands; AND
  • Be smart about crowds

The key words are “AND.” It is not and has never been “OR.” Four simple things that should all be followed.

“The safety of our members and staff is our highest priority. We are taking several precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Executive Director Sean Simpson. “We have limited the number of participants per group to 30 maximum per class, members are encouraged to bring their own water, snacks and hand sanitizer, and indoor access to use the restrooms is limited to two people at one time.”

“COVID-19 is a serious concern,” Simpson added. “This is a global pandemic and a public health crisis. We have 2,400 older adults that we’re responsible for every day. The fact that 96% of COVID-related fatalities in Oklahoma are over the age of 50 requires absolute adherence to create a safe environment.”

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