Staying Calm, Controlling Anxiety And Dealing With A Waspish Issue

Last month, I got home from work and was informed that five wasps were in the house, and they had been sucked up into the dustbuster. I knew they were probably coming in through the chimney, so I opened the flue. Out fell, crawled and flew 13 more wasps.

I used a second vacuum to […]


Crafting will be returning to the Center on Monday, Nov. 9, at 11 a.m. in Heritage Hall. Participants will be making fabric pumpkins. Seating will be limited, and reservations are required to attend. If you would like to come and spend some time with others safely, please contact Ami Bucher at the Center at 918-259-8377 […]

The Center Welcomes New Zumba Gold Instructor

The Center welcomes our new Zumba Gold instructor, Linn Turner, beginning in November. Linn is a certified Zumba instructor and will bring a wealth of senior-specific fitness knowledge to the Center. We have been fortunate to have Linda Few as our Zumba instructor for the last nine years. Linda has inspired many people over the […]

Line Dancing

Line dancing is one of the most beneficial activities for both mind and body. The Center’s line dancing classes are very popular, whether members attend virtually or in person. The titles of the various class offerings have been updated on the November Calendar of Events. Class titles now reflect the activity leader’s name. Whether you […]