Make Certain Your Shoes Fit Right

Incorrectly fitting footwear is common in older adults and is a risk factor not only for foot problems but also for falls.

When I look at the footwear that many of the BASC members have on, it concerns me – especially when I see shoes that I know were purchased during the first Bush administration. […]

Our Transportation Program: Don’t Keep It A Secret

The BA Senior Center provides an environment for older adults to stay physically active and socially engaged.

For seniors, maintaining their independence is crucial for healthy and active aging. The Center also helps older adults avoid the loneliest number – One.

Social isolation is a big problem for seniors who don’t drive. Having access to […]

Change: You Have To Break A Few Eggs

Most mornings during the week, I make breakfast for my wife and me.

I start with butter or olive oil in the pan, add some meat or vegetables or both, then crack some eggs and add some cheese, salt, pepper and spices. The finished product is an omelet that is cut in half – and […]

If You Give – The Miracle Can Happen To You

If You Give – The Miracle Can Happen To You

In the 1988 movie “Scrooged,” Bill Murray’s character, Frank Cross, is a miserly, closed-hearted man who reinvents himself. Frank is transformed into a person with an open heart who embraces the world around him rather than withdrawing from life.

He does this by listening, by […]