Do You Have the Want-to?

Last month, I met a new member before her first Zumba class. “Doris” was looking forward to the class but was a little nervous. I told her that she’d already done the hard part. She raised her eyebrow at me and I replied, “You got out of bed, out of the house, in the car, […]

More To Do At The Center In 2020

BA Senior Center members asked for it, and now it will become a reality! Jan. 1 will not only usher in a new year but also expanded programming at the Center.

In the past year, an array of card games, including poker, canasta and pinochle, have been added, along with other activities. Our commitment to […]

Questions Answered and Funding Approved

November was an exceptionally busy month at the BA Senior Center.

Did you know that we now offer more than 65 activities a week? With the added classes that will be unveiled in January and an increasing array of seminars and workshops, that number will be close to 75 activities a week.

Even if math […]

You’ll See The Difference A Cataract Operation Can Make

By Sean Simpson

“You have cataracts.”

That’s what I was told this summer during my vision exam. I thought to myself, “You’re not old enough to have cataracts.” I was wrong, because most of us older than 55 are likely to be diagnosed with cataracts.

My eye doctor asked if my cataracts were affecting my […]