You’ll See The Difference A Cataract Operation Can Make

By Sean Simpson

“You have cataracts.”

That’s what I was told this summer during my vision exam. I thought to myself, “You’re not old enough to have cataracts.” I was wrong, because most of us older than 55 are likely to be diagnosed with cataracts.

My eye doctor asked if my cataracts were affecting my […]

The decision to volunteer, like the decision to donate financially, is an emotional one

Last month I had the opportunity to open the mail and get a welcome surprise. It was a sizable gift from a thoughtful donor, a person I did not know. After further exploration, I found that this individual was not a member. She was, however, a local business owner.

I picked up the phone, called […]

I Have To Ask The Question – Why?


You see things; and you say “why?”

But I dream things that never were; and I say “why not?”

– George Bernard Shaw


Last week, I was asked to explain what I do. I help create a safe place where older adults can be physically […]

When Blessed, Share Your Good Fortune

I love to garden. I’m not sure my family even understands the reasons why I spend so much time tending the backyard crops. It’s not (entirely) to get away. But it is some quality “me” time after work and on weekends.

Whether gardening can save you money is often a topic of debate at my […]