Craft Buddies – Reaching Out To Others With Art

Rita Belding and Peggy Harris wanted to give seniors an avenue to touch the life of other seniors. After they brainstormed, “Craft Buddies” was born. Every two weeks, members who want to participate receive a self-addressed, stamped envelope and card to send to another senior.

“Isolation is difficult for many members,” Peggy said. “The purpose of ‘Craft Buddies’ is to connect the people back with each other so members don’t feel so alone. Everyone loves getting something in the mail. This project provides a way for members to stay in contact with each other.”

Once a card or letter is sent, the door remains open for people to stay connected.

“Craft Buddies” received a generous donation of stamps from a member to get the project underway.

The crafting group also continues to touch the lives of seniors who enjoy doing crafts; supplies are delivered to seniors who need them to make specific projects.

If you would like to send a card to another member or receive craft supplies, text Rita at 539-222-1022 or Peggy at 918-231-2223.