Do You Have the Want-to?

Last month, I met a new member before her first Zumba class. “Doris” was looking forward to the class but was a little nervous. I told her that she’d already done the hard part. She raised her eyebrow at me and I replied, “You got out of bed, out of the house, in the car, out of the car and in the Center. You’re home free.”

I thought I was clever. I thought she’d agree. I thought we’d just walk to class.

Instead, Doris hit me with some knowledge. She said that, “It takes 21 days to adopt a new habit or to drop a bad one. And it takes more than two months – 66 days – before the new habit becomes as automatic as breathing.”

“Let’s have this conversation in February,” she added.

Now I could have dazzled her with my New Year’s resolution knowledge, but I opted to pass. Why? Because Doris probably already knew that a substantial 80% of all New Year’s resolutions end in failure, and more than a third don’t even make it past January.

So, instead I responded, “Yes, let’s.”

My Grandpa Vick once gave me some sage advice: “If you’re going to have a life worth living, you have to have the ‘want-to.’” At the time I was maybe 15 years old. My life was pretty simple. It consisted of collecting baseball cards, playing soccer and mowing lawns. I had a life, but I hadn’t really begun the living part. Looking back on this interaction with Doris, I can see that we were both right.

If you make the decision to get out of the house and take charge of your life, you need to have the want-to – the want-to do more. You want-to come explore some activities at the BA Senior Center. And once you’re here, you need the want to to come back time after time.

In this new year, commit to having the want-to. If you know of someone who should join the Center, show them what want-to looks like. Make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. If you do that, then it’s bound to be an upbeat 2020.