From the Director

Dear Members –

In recent weeks, during a review of financial records necessitated by the resignation of the former President and CEO of Broken Arrow Seniors, Inc. (BASI), the Board of Directors was made aware of irregularities in BASI financials.   This has, of course, led to numerous rumors and has caused great concern among both the Board and the members of BASI.  Understanding the importance of this matter and in an attempt to balance the need for full transparency with the legal rights of all involved, the Board of Directors engaged a third party accounting firm to conduct a full and thorough investigation and review of BASI financials.   The investigation has been completed revealing matters of great concern.  As a result, the findings have been referred to the Broken Arrow Police Department.  As this is now the subject of a police investigation, it is not proper for the Board of Directors to comment further.  When the police department has completed its investigation and has released the Board to speak further, we will gladly update our membership.  In the meantime, rest assured that the Board and staff are doing everything necessary to ensure that the high level of programming and activities offered to our members and the community continue without interruption.  We appreciate your understanding during this time.



John Palkowski

Chairman of the Board