From the Director

Dear Friends –

What a great seminar on Social Security, Retirement and Estate Planning held at the OU Schusterman Campus!  All those attending were impressed with the information and the professionalism of the presenter.  This group offers two seminars each year.  Both seminars are free to our members and their families and friends.  Broken Arrow Seniors is pleased to partner with Tulsa Community Foundation and hope that many of you will utilize the free services the Advancement Group provides.  It is our hope that many of you will choose to leave a legacy gift to Broken Arrow Seniors.  You can learn how to do so through these meetings.  The next meeting will be in the fall.

The dog days of summer are upon us.  We  are blessed to have the Center where we can stay cool and remain active with new and old friends.  We also have our annual summer fun events to look forward to in August including the Community BUNCO Bash, August 3 and the Ice Cream Social and Senior Follies on August 24.  We will also kick off our Annual Tulsa Area United Way Campaign.

As seniors, we have a hard time handling this heat.  Hydration is especially important because it helps us regulate our body’s temperature.  Try and drink fluids with every meal , eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are loaded with fluid and sip water throughout the day.  Plan to spend these hot summer days in the Center ‘s AC and when you do, please wear your name tag so other members can get to know you.

Effective July 1 membership dues for new members ONLY will increase to $30.00 for residents of Broken Arrow and $40.00 for non-residents.  This increase will be effective for all members after January 1, 2019 at your renewal date.  For example:  if your dues are due in December of 2018, your dues will not increase until December of 2019.  If for some reason you choose to pay your 2019 dues early, it will be at the new rate.  This increase will help us offset the costs of providing activities and programs for you. The current rate per member covers less than half of our costs.  While we have absorbed this in the past, we are unable to continue to move forward without your assistance.  We rely on your annual membership dues and donations.   Remember that we are a 501c3 and as such all donations are tax deductible.  Please visit with me if the dues increase presents a hardship for you.

Just a reminder that our building is the property of the City of Broken Arrow. It is illegal to bring firearms or other weapons into this building.  Till I see you again. . .