Our Focus: Health & Wellness

The Broken Arrow Senior Center is one of the best 55+ facilities in the country and a huge asset for residents. The Center is constantly adapting to the changing needs of our members to provide the best possible programs and services. The Center serves as a focal point in the community for quality emotional, intellectual, physical and social health.

One of our priorities is to provide members with more wellness-related education and access to preventive health care. In the past few months, we’ve expanded our wellness sessions by adding a variety of resources on subjects such as heart health, vision, hearing, foot care and osteoporosis.

The focus on increasing the overall health and wellness of our members is centered in four areas:

Emotional health – Participation in Center activities helps our members feel positive about their selves and about life, which contributes to their overall emotional well-being. Members make friends and contacts and interact with people who become their extended family.

Intellectual health – Our members can expand their knowledge, skills and abilities while discovering the potential for sharing one’s gifts with others. All our activities have activity leaders who step up to share their talents with others.

Physical health – A person’s health can show marked improvement through the Center’s nutrition program, fitness room and more than a dozen exercise classes. We’re not going to experiment with duplicate bridge Zumba or tai chi dominoes, but you’ll find there are plenty of activities to participate in to make positive strides toward your physical health goals.

Social health – Personal interaction leads to personal satisfaction when our members contribute to their community. Involvement in Center programs and a commitment to continuous learning leads to an enriched and fulfilling life.

We hope you can see that we are committed to delivering on our promise to improve the overall health and wellness of our members. We’ll provide the access and opportunity – it is up to you to engage, get involved, embrace change and take charge of your life.