The Center Is Closed; Our Mission Continues (Re-opening the Economy)



Almost every COVID-19 death in the state is attributed to someone over the age of 50.

On April 22, Gov. Kevin Stitt’s Advisory Group put forth the implementation of a three-phase approach to get Oklahoma’s economy started. The plan is based on scientific modeling from public health experts and is designed to mitigate the risk of the resurgence of COVID-19. It provides a detailed plan for the reopening of Oklahoma’s economy in phases that the city of Broken Arrow implemented.

“There is a risk of allowing a surge of new COVID-19 cases into the health care system that extreme social-distancing efforts were meant to curtail, said Dr. Bruce Dart, executive director of the Tulsa County Health Department.

“We ask that you remain diligent in your (social distancing) actions, otherwise the gains we’ve made in April will be for naught,” Dart added.

Governments can look at whatever matrix or metrics they want as they’re tasked with looking out for everyone in the communities they represent. We represent older adults over the age of 50, 55, 65 or 80 years of age. That is what we are telling people when they ask when we will re-open.

Are you aware that people over the age of 50 account for 57% – a little more than half – of the number of positive test cases?

And 95% of the COVID-19 fatalities are individuals over the age of 50? Yes, that’s right, 95% of the fatalities are over the age of 50.

So are you and I.

Almost every COVID-19 death in the state is attributed to someone over the age of 50.


As a member of the Center, you are much more than a $30 or $40 dues payment. That’s why we will be extremely cautious. We will only re-open when the risk of loss of life is no longer a concern.