The Center Is Closed; Our Mission Continues (Reopening The Center)

What will life look like at BASC when we re-open? Staff, activity leaders and the board are working on options. It’s possible that we’ll re-open with small groups of members. It will be easier to practice social distancing. We will no doubt insist that you wear a mask and possibly gloves. We may only open for limited hours or certain days. That would allow us to adequately clean the Center between uses.

We realize some members will be more comfortable coming back earlier than others – and that’s OK. I’m not going to be comfortable coming back until the number of newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19 and coronavirus-related fatalities have all but disappeared. And that’s OK, too.

I’m not going to ask any member of my team, any activity leader or any member to come back to the Center until they feel safe. We are offering virtual classes now, and we will continue with the choice of attending in-class or virtually for a while.

I’ll reiterate our mission promise again. It starts with “To provide a safe place for older adults to …” Whenever and however we open the doors to the Center, the safety of our members, staff and volunteers will be first and foremost in any decision we make. We will not open until we can assure you that you’ll be safe.

We are in regular communication with city, county and state officials. We are having conversations with other nonprofits in the state and are talking with assisted living and long-term care communities to understand how to proceed safely for the next few months. The Tulsa Area United Way and the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits have had training and seminars, as well as weekly updates on closures, disease spread and soon – hopefully – recovery.

When we do have a date to reopen, you will know. In the meantime, be safe, keep your distance and know we are here for you!

We want to welcome you back to the Center when it is time. We will look out for you. But you need to look out for you, too!

To do that, you have to keep yourself safe.

Sean Simpson, BASC Director