We’re Making Life a Little Easier for Our Members

Member experience embodies someone’s entire journey with the BA Senior Center – from first becoming a member to, hopefully, many years of membership. To create the best member experience, we need to continually learn more about our members – who they are, their motivations and concerns.

During the past month, BA Senior Center staff conducted some in-depth intel so we could better understand how members sign in at the self-service kiosks. In many cases, we empathized with them. It was frustrating.

There were too many choices from which to pick. Some of the activities seemed outdated or wrong. There weren’t clear boxes to mark when you selected your activity or activities. Scrolling was difficult. And the system would time out if you weren’t fast enough.

We heard questions like, “If there are 15 activities today, then why are there 60 choices?” and “Is pool the pool room or is there a hidden swimming pool?” and “Why is this system so slow when it is supposed to save time?”

We asked, we listened and we watched. Then we acted.

What you will find now is an updated self-service system. It runs better. There are fewer choices – and the choices correspond to what is actually offered that day. There are clear boxes to check and no scrolling.

So if the kiosks look a little different, this is intentional. This is one of several improvements we are making to improve your overall member experience. More will roll out in the coming months. We hope you notice the positive changes.