A Message To Our Members

Some counties have already begun vaccinating the 65+ age group so it looks a little different from county to county.  THD’s schedule this week was already full with healthcare workers and first responders from last week.

Most of the counties used a temporary online appointment platform to schedule their clinics this week.  The websites have PDF versions of the paperwork that could be filled out and brought with them to the appointment.  Once the week’s appointments were filled up, the schedules closed. The forms are still available online.

Each county will find out this week how much vaccine they are allocated for next week.  A new online scheduling tool will launch for all county health departments (including THD) on Thursday or Friday for people who meet eligibility criteria to sign up.   Until then, it is just a matter of patience and explaining the complex process to people who ask.

This content from the THD website might help answer basic questions, this is updated as changes come out, you can check for the latest info at this link.

And the State Department of Health today launched a portal to help people get vaccinated.